The organization that spends these funds operates without accountability or transparency. The Cato Institute calls the Green Climate Fund the “Slush Fund for Global Dictators.” Anyone involved in the agreement contributes to this. The Paris Agreement is proof that climate change has become a priority for the majority of the world. The Reinsurance Association of America said the fight against climate change was a sound public policy. Investments in emissions reduction could save billions of euros in the coming years. Finally, despite the ridiculous claims that wind and solar energy is now “competitive”, fossil fuel substitutes are far from being murderers – the international evidence is indisputable -, claims that ignore massive subsidies, guaranteed market shares and the costs of guaranteed production and longer transport systems. (It is no coincidence that the cost of electricity in California is now the highest in the bottom 48 states.) And these substitutes are almost exclusively a first-world luxury; For the most part, poor countries will respond to higher energy costs simply by reducing their consumption. Supporters of the Paris agreement want to claim that it is priceless to do less because the value of the loss of energy does not appear in the national income accounts. The rest of us don`t need to be so stupid: expensive energy means more poverty. Before entering into the pros and cons of the Paris Agreement, it is worth remembering how the Paris Agreement was concluded. The Paris agreement received massive international support.

As I said before, only one country in the world (`cough` united States is not signed into the agreement, while only seven have not formally ratified it. This unit shows that all countries are aware of climate change and take it seriously in theory. On an issue as global and potentially catastrophic as climate change, each nation must formally recognize its role in the problem before committing to making meaningful efforts to combat climate change. At future conferences, this formal recognition can serve as a starting point for more substantial (and hopefully legally binding) changes. President Trump says the Paris agreement will hurt job growth, manufacturing and industries such as coal, natural gas, steel and cement. He expressed concern that U.S. commitments were superior to those of China and India and suggested that the United States consider renegotiating the agreement. There are more than two years left before the United States officially withdraws from the Paris climate agreement. Don`t you ever dream of a world where people put their differences aside and work together to fight climate change? In 2015, thanks to the Paris climate agreement, this dream came closer to reality. This landmark agreement, in force under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), has been signed by 195 UNFCCC members since 2019.