Protected health information is data that “goes beyond what would be considered LDS” – PHI data sharing requires a BUSINESS associate agreement (BAA) if subscribers have not signed a HIPAA authorization to share data. Defining authorized uses and disclosing the limited set of data; Data Use Agreements (AADs) are unfunded contracts that define the conditions for non-public data subject to limited use. An AED is generally used to help parties who wish to share data better understand important information about the data exchanged, such as data protection rights related to the transfer of confidential or protected data, data protection obligations, data usage restrictions, and potential commitments related to the use of data. Our university is a public institution that receives a large portion of its research funds from the U.S. federal government. To ensure that AADs comply with higher education guidelines and promotional agency requirements, the University`s Office of Sponsored Programs will review and support AAUs institutionally to ensure compliance with related policies and regulations. The database offers two levels of access: open (available to all without restrictions) and controlled (pre-authorized). Controlled access to the database allows you to download data from individual genotypes and phenotypes that have been de-defined (i.e. no personal identifiers such as name, etc.). A data usage agreement determines who can use and receive the LDS, as well as the recipient`s authorized use and disclosure of this information, and provides that the recipient does so: limited records may contain only the following identifiers: Ask recipients to ensure that all agents (including subcontractors) to whom they disclose the information accept the same restrictions as those provided by the agreement; and developed and operated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National Library of Medicine, archived and distributed dbGaP data from studies that have studied the relationship between phenotype and genotype, such as. B Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS).